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Vegeta continues to attack Bo with a flurry of punches and kicks while Bobbidi wonders what Boo is doing. Kuririn is amazed and Trunks is happy. Piccolo notes that he also surpassed Super Saiyan and his strength is even greater than Gohan's when he fought Cell. But then Piccolo remembers that Gohan was also killed by Majin Buu. Vegeta sends Boo flying with a massive punch, but Boo simply jumps to his feet and heals all of Vegeta's damage. Boo looks up and is shocked to see that Vegeta is on and pointing his hand at him. Vegeta suddenly fires a powerful ki blast right through Boo's stomach. Boo falls to the ground, looking dead, scaring Bobbidi. Vegeta smiles and Trunks gets excited until Boo gets up again.

Boo has healed a large hole in his stomach and says angrily that it was a bit painful. Vegeta thinks he is rather creepy while Bobbidi dances for joy. Boo begins to create a large ball of energy around himself, and now fully enraged, shouts that he hates Vegeta. Everyone is in shock and starting to get really scared now. Then, in a blinding moment, Boo unleashes all the energy he's harnessed. Bobbidi quickly throws a barrier around him, Piccolo and the others try to escape, but Vegeta only has time to stand and try to protect himself. A massive explosion occurs and the entire area is blown up, with Vegeta and the downed Kaiōshin taking the brunt of it. After that, only a huge crater remains, with Boo and Bobbidi hovering above it. Piccolo, Kuririn, Trunks and Goten managed to get away. Piccolo worries about Kaiōshin while Trunks notices Papa, who is now badly damaged.