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Vegeta curses the situation, left arm now out of order. Bobbidi notices that Vegeta is still alive and thinks that he could make a really great servant if he wasn't so disobedient. Piccolo thinks Vegeta can't compete with Boo at all, Gohan is dead and even Kaiōshin is gone. Trunks can't believe his father would lose, but Piccolo doesn't reassure him. Boo tells Vegeta, "It's for you." Hey." Vegeta wonders what to do as Boo rips out a chunk of his stomach and stretches it out like dough. Vegeta wonders what this disgusting bastard is up to. Boo fires an explosive blast from his mouth that Vegeta barely dodges and then kicks out a piece of his belly out so that he wraps around Vegeta like a snake and binds him.

Boo happily dances while Vegeta lies wrapped on the ground. Boo kicks him on the ground and then giggles as Vegeta coughs up blood. Boo then sits on Vegeta and starts pounding on it. Kuririn says they are killing him and asks where is Goku or Gohan, are they dead yet? Goten says his brother couldn't die. Trunks is getting really restless, but Piccolo says that there's nothing he can do if he dies besides dying, which would only add to Vegeta's pain. Trunks ignores it, turns Super Saiyan and flies away. Goten does the same and Piccolo gets angry at their rashness. The boys zoom right past Bobbidi, leaving him confused. Trunks kicks Boo away from Vegeta and knocks him into the distance as Goten begins to unravel Vegeta.

The boys tend towards Vegeta and Bobbidi can't believe that Vegeta still has allies around him. Bobbidi thinks it doesn't matter how many there are because Majin Boo is invincible and will kill them all. “Although I can't forgive Majin Boo, the one I can't forgive the least is you, Bobbid. Bobbidi turns around and Piccolo is there. “I can't do anything to Majin Boo, but I can kill you. Bobbidi says that if he is killed, no one can ever seal Majin Boo and then the whole world will be completely destroyed. Piccolo says that the world would be destroyed even if Bobbidi didn't die, so Bobbidi starts calling Boo to help. Piccolo then swings his arm and slices Bobbidi in half with one clean slash. Bobbidi is still talking as his remains fall back to the ground and Piccolo spits at him. Vegeta says, "Trunks... Take good care of Bulma, no mom..." Trunks is confused and Vegeta smiles.