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Vegeta tells the boys to take cover, that he will fight Majin Boo alone. Trunks insists that it would be better to fight together, but Vegeta says that Boo cannot be fought with normal methods. Trunks and Goten say they are both really strong. Vegeta tells Trunks that he hasn't hugged him since childhood and he wants it now. Trunks is reluctant, but Vegeta hugs him anyway. Vegeta smiles and tells Trunks to have a good time. He then hits Trunks on the back of the head and knocks him out. Goten freaks out, but then Vegeta punches him in the stomach to knock him out as well. Piccolo flies over to them as Boo gets up and starts humming to himself, wondering who hit him.

Vegeta asks Piccolo to take the boys somewhere far away. Piccolo picks them up and then realizes that Vegeta plans to die. Vegeta says nothing and then asks Piccolo to tell him one thing: will he be able to see Kakarrot when he's dead? Piccolo says no. “You have killed too many innocent people… If you die, your physical body will be gone. Your soul will also be sent to a different world than Goku. There your soul will be cleansed and your memories will be gone. You will transform into a new life form." Vegeta thinks this is too bad and tells Piccolo to hurry up and leave. Piccolo flies off with the boys and Boo is about to stop him, but Vegeta stops Boo. He says he will defeat Bo himself and calls him a balloon bastard.

Piccolo flies past Kuririn and tells him to come quickly. Vegeta says that he finally knows how to defeat Boo. Boo is surprised when Vegeta starts to power up. Kuririn asks Piccolo what Vegeta is up to, so Piccolo explains that for the first time, Vegeta chose to fight for someone other than himself, throwing away his own life in the process. Vegeta continues to charge and he says that he will blast Boo into so many pieces that he won't be able to repair himself. He smiles and thinks, "Goodbye... Bulma... Trunks... and even... Kakarrot..." Vegeta then self-destructs, creating a huge explosion bigger than the one Boo did before. Piccolo and Kuririn, who had flown quite a distance, feel the shock wave of the explosion.