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In the pod plane, Bulma wonders why Vegeta did what he did [killing all those people]. Yamcha tells her not to think like that, for now they will use the Dragon Balls to revive all the dead spectators. Kame-Sen'nin thinks that Vegeta looked strange and had a lot of evil flowing inside him. The plane suddenly hits a lot of turbulence. The Kame-Sen'nin says that there was a big explosion far away and Bulma has a feeling it might be related to Vegeta. Back on the battlefield, an ash figure of Vegeta remains intact above a very large crater. The remains of the ashes from Podravka then fall to the ground and disintegrate. Meanwhile, Piccolo tells Kuririn to take the boy home while he checks things out. He tells him that they will inform their families later since he doesn't know about Goku, but Vegeta said that Gohan killed Majin Buu. Kuririn can't believe that even Gohan is gone.

Piccolo flies over and lands in the crater and walks around for a while. He realizes what Vegeta's plan was to prevent Boo from regenerating. Piccolo then notices Bobbidia's head, still barely alive. It looks like Bobbidi had a barrier in the blast, so Piccolo decides to put an end to him for good. But then the little pieces of Boo start moving, each one turns into a miniature Boo and they all fly together to form one big mass. Piccolo realizes what is happening and takes this opportunity to fly away. Majin Boo is now whole again and starts giggling until Bobbidi calls out to him. Bobbidi tells him to heal him, but Boo hesitates. Bobbidi asks if he wants to be sealed, so Boo heals him. Bobbidi is happy until he gets angry at those who did this to him. Green guy and two little gnomes. Instead of destroying this planet, he wants to let the three suffer.

Kuririn can't believe that Majin Boo isn't dead and that Vegeta died for nothing. Piccolo says it's dangerous on Earth and takes the boys from Kuririn so he can bring them to the God's Palace. These two are their only star of hope, albeit a faint one. Boo is now flying through the air with Bobbidi riding on his back saying he will turn this planet into a living hell. Bobbidi's plan is to kill a lot of people until the three show up. Elsewhere, Kaiōshin is alive, walking weakly and begging Gohan to still be alive…