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Bobbidi says they will cause quite a spectacle. Back on the remains of the battlefield, Kibito tries to figure out what's going on until he senses that Kaiōshin is still alive and flies off. Kaiōshin struggles with Gohan still alive until he collapses. Kibito reaches him shortly after and is just in time to heal him. Neither of them understand how Kibito is alive again, but then Kaiōshin freaks out and says they have to rush to Gohan. Gohan is still lying on the ground in that forest as the two fly away. Kaiōshin asks him if he feels the great "power energy" of Majin Boo, and Kibito does. Kibito thinks that things are now hopeless and that all life in the universe is in danger.

Kaiōshin says it's not hopeless as he sees a faint light. Kibito asks if it has anything to do with Son Gohan. Kaiōshin says yes because he thinks that Gohan's far beyond imagination ability could turn into an even more incredible power and he could surpass Majin Boo. Kibito wonders if he means "it" and Kaiōshin says he didn't see how strong the three Saiyans were. Then they finally get to Gohan. Kaiōshin says that they should bring him to the Kaiōshin Realm before they heal him, and Kibito can't believe that he would allow a human to enter the Kaiōshin Realm, that sacred ground that not even Dai Kaiō has set foot on. Kaiōshin says yes and has to hurry before Gohan dies. Kibito then teleports them away in a flash of light.

Up in the God Palace, everyone is there now. Someone asks about Bulma's parents, but they stayed to take care of the animals. But they can still be brought back to life by the Dragon Balls. Kuririn says they also don't know where Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu are. Chi-Chi then asks about Gohan and Goten and Bulma asks about Trunks and Vegeta. Goku decides it's best to tell them. Goten and Trunks are safe, Gohan and Vegeta are dead, killed by Majin Boo. Chi-Chi faints and Gyūmaō catches her as Bulma begins to cry. Then suddenly: “Do you hear my voice, people of Earth? I am a Bobbidi mage. I use magic to speak to your hearts. The truth is that today I was forced to suffer unpleasantly. From three idiots... I'm looking for these three idiots."

People all over the world can hear Bobbidi speak and wonder what is going on. "Close your eyes and I'll show you. I'm sending a picture." Everyone can then see a picture of Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. "See them? I'm looking for these three. So come out! They should know who they are. If you don't come out... Oh, I should fully introduce myself. I'm the scary mage, Bobbidi! And this is my servant, even scarier Majin Boo. He is strong and there is absolutely no one who can win against him. Hehehehe... You see this city? If these three don't come out, what will happen? I'll show. I really don't like slouch, so we'll kill everyone in town smartly!"

Boo lifts all the people into the air and then decides to turn them all into candy balls. He then sucks up all the sugar balls like a vacuum, chews them up and eats them. “This is going to happen to everyone on this planet.