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Gohan asks what will happen if he pulls out the Z Sword, and Kibito says that he should gain immense power, probably more than enough to defeat Majin Boo. Gohan is stunned, but Kibito assures him that he can't pull it off anyway. Kaiōshin (nicely) tells him to shut up and watch. Gohan starts pulling, putting all his strength into it and really trying, but it doesn't work. Gohan then stops and grabs his hands and Kibito smiles. Gohan then transforms into a Super Saiyan, but Kibito doubts it will have much of an effect. Gohan starts pulling again, still struggling, but eventually it starts to move. Gohan pulls it all the way out, shocking Kibito and making Kaiōshin happy.

Back on the ground, Kaiōshin asks how the sword is doing. Gohan, no longer a Super Saiyan, says it's hard and all, but it doesn't seem like there's much power in it. He doubts he would actually beat Boo. Kibito says of course it can, as long as the holder is able to use it freely. Gohan asks Kibito to try and hold him and hands him the sword. Kibito immediately drops it, leaving a huge hole in the ground and Kibito can't pick it up again. Kibito plays it off, but then yells that he needs to be able to use the sword freely.

Goku explains that if they use Fusion to successfully fuse, they should be able to stay that way for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, they will return to normal and will not be able to use Fusion again for some time. Piccolo thinks thirty minutes is too harsh. Goku says thirty minutes should be enough with those two. Goku asks them to turn Super Saiyan now, but the boys just scowl at him. Trunks asks where he was when Papa and Gohan were killed. Unconscious. Hearing this, Trunks thinks he must be a real weakling. Goten says that they couldn't get stronger by learning techniques from such a weakling.

Piccolo gets angry, but Goku says they're right, he's a weakling. But even though he is weak, he has to teach them Fusion, it's the only way if they want to get revenge on Vegeta and Gohan. “Hehehehe… We're here again, people of Earth!” Mage Bobbidi and Majin Boo!! This time we found a much bigger city than the last one. Now we're going to turn this town into nothing unless the three called Ma Junior, Trunks, and Goten come here right now." Some people in the town realize it's their town and notice Bobbidi and Boo in the air. Trunks notices that they talk about them, and Goten says you can see Boo and Bobbidi if you close your eyes, Piccolo says it's better not to look.

“No one seems to have contacted us… Too bad. We'll just have to increase the death toll. This time he turns them into chocolate and eats them." Boo fires magic, turning the citizens into chocolate bars and Trunks and Goten can't watch. Boo eats his chocolate and then destroys the rest of the city. "Looks like Majin Boo has had his fill of this chocolate. So we're going to blow another city to dust. So where are we going next…" Trunks and Goten then called out to him. "Oh my! They ended up contacting me themselves." Trunks says angrily that they will be killed in no time. Piccolo yells for him to stop talking to Bobbidi before their location is revealed. "Hello!!! Where are you, where!!! Come here!! Are you hiding?! Cowards!!!” Goku thinks he must really want to train now and Trunks and Goten nod in agreement.