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Goku says it's not time to mess around so he has to hurry up and turn Super Saiyan. They both transform and Goku tells them to raise their ki as high as possible. Trunks tells Goten that they should surprise him and the two continue to power up. Piccolo is carried away, but Goku doesn't flinch at all. Goku tells them that Trunks' ki is a bit higher and for the Fusion to work they have to be equal. So Trunks needs to suppress his ki a bit to match Goten. He plays with it a bit until Goku tells him he has it. Goku tells them to remember that and then tells them to go back to normal. Trunks is upset that he has to match Goten. Goku says that next time he will try to max out his ki in normal mode as using Fusion as Super Saiyans will be difficult.

“People of Earth! I just now learned some great information. One of the three, a brat named Trunks, lives in a place called the Capsule Corporation in West City. We will go there now. It will be great if you are there, but it would be even better if you hurry up and show up. Because the town you live in is going to disappear soon." Trunks gets upset because Grandpa and Grandma are still there. Bulma comes in and complains to Goku that her parents will be killed, but Goku assures her that they will use the Dragon Balls to bring them back to Bulma says that West City will also be destroyed, so Goku says that they will bring it back with a second wish.

Piccolo counters that they've already brought back many people with the first wish, so there's only one wish left. Goku thinks they could say "Return everything to normal" as another wish, but Piccolo isn't sure. But Bulma says that if the lab is destroyed, so will the Dragon Radar, which uses very special parts. In other words, they could no longer summon Shenlong. Goku says that he will hold off Boo and Bobbidi for a while and tells Trunks to go home and get the radar. Trunks wonders if it will be okay to hold them back, but Goku says sure if it's just for a while. Goku teleports away and then Trunks flies away.

Bobbidi says that Boo is flying too much and is afraid of falling. Boo seems quietly annoyed. Goku suddenly appears in front of them and Bobbidi is surprised that Vegeta didn't kill him. Bobbidi also thanks him because he was the one who brought Boo back to life. Goku says that he and Vegeta were both too naive and didn't think Majin Boo would be that awesome. Boo laughs at the compliment while Bobbidi demands to know why she's here and tell them where the three are? Goku says of course not, one of them is his son. He came to advise. Bobbidi thinks this is interesting and wants the whole Earth to hear this advice. Goku promises to see the three in short order. But in the meantime, they need to stop the senseless destruction and torment of the weak and just wait.

Bobbidi questions why the wait, so Goku explains that the three are in special training to defeat them. Bobbidi and Boo laugh at this. Bobbidi says they won't wait and will continue killing earthlings until they come out. Goku thought so, so he confronts them for a while. Bobbidi says go ahead, he thinks he wants to be killed like Vegeta. Boo sits there whistling and Bobbidi yells at him to hurry up and attack. Boo begins to stretch and Goku wonders why he listens to Bobbidi even though he is so strong. Bobbidi tells Goku to shut up, Majin Boo is his servant. Boo stares at Bobbidi so Bobbidi asks if he wants to be sealed. Boo says, "If you seal me, I'll kill you." Bobbidi is upset that Boo has suddenly wised up.

But Boo kills him anyway. He seems like a "good boy" so Boo hates him. Goku realizes he has no choice. Bobbidi tells the people of Earth to take a good look, this is what will happen to people who defy him. Goku then transforms into a superior Super Saiyan. Trunks stops flying and remarks that Goku has the same strength as his dad. Bobbidi says there is no point, Vegeta did the same. Goku says "Well why don't I try to surpass the Super Saiyan level that surpasses the Super Saiyan..."