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Piccolo tries to figure out what Goku said while Bobbidi thinks it's just nonsense. Goku notices that Trunks' ki has stopped moving and hopes to hurry up. Trunks is sitting in the air watching the events between Goku and Bobbidi, so Goku yells at him to hurry up and get the radar. Bobbidi wonders who he was talking to and realizes that he has some kind of futile plan. Goku thinks that he will have to buy more time and then he goes back to normal. Boo thinks he's given up. "That's not it. I'll explain Super Saiyan to you so you understand." Bobbidi says it's stupid, they don't want to know. "Don't say that. First of all, I think this is my normal state." It transforms. “This is a Super Saiyan. He transforms again, to a more spiky lightning level. “And you've seen this before. A Super Saiyan that surpasses a Super Saiyan. Or Super Saiyan 2, you could say.'

Bobbidi thinks these transformations are pointless. "And…" Kuririn thinks Goku is bluffing. "This… surpasses even that…" Goku begins to transform, this isn't an instant change. Kaiō wants him to stop or his remaining time... Bobbidi and Boo are shocked as Piccolo says his ki is rising rapidly. Even Tenshinhan, far away in the mountains somewhere with Chiaotzu, says the Earth is shaking and wonders what Goku is up to. Goku finally completes the transformation. His hair is much longer, there are much more lightning bolts, and he lost his eyebrows.

"...This is Super Saiyan 3. Sorry it took so long." I'm still not used to this form." Everyone is stunned, and even Gohan stops his Z sword training to wonder if it's his father's ki he's sensing. Kaiōshin says that it's really Son Goku, and Kibito can't believe it, that they would feel his power all the way here in this sacred land. Gohan wonders what's going on. Back on Earth, Boo says that Goku's face is getting scary, but Boo isn't scared at all. Bobbidi thinks it's nothing much, and he tells Boo to beat him up as the whole Earth watches. Goku flies forward, grabs Boo by the front lock and then punches Boo with his free hand several times. Goku then turns Boo around and lets him go, causing Boo to crash into the ocean.

Boo flies out of the water and fires a volley of blasts at Goku. Goku flung them all away, thinking that Boo was barely damaged by his attack, and Boo had just used one of Vegeta's techniques, meaning he can pick up his opponent's techniques just by fighting for a while. Boo reaches out to punch Goku in the face from a distance, but Goku is also barely damaged. Kaiō wants Goku to stop because using this abnormal power will greatly shorten his time on Earth and then there will be no one to teach the kids Fusion.