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Goku says that they'll have to train later to make their ki identical, and Piccolo asks Goku if he's okay. Goku insists that he is fine while Piccolo wonders how much Super Saiyan 3 energy will use up in the world of the living. For now, Goku says that they will control the Fusion. Once they have their ki identical, they both have to do the Fusion pose exactly the same. He'll teach them a pose now, so watch out. First, stand at a greater distance from each other. Then throw your arms out to the side like this and keep them straight. “Fu…” Next, throw your arms to the opposite side and come closer to each other by taking three steps like this (knees bent outwards). “Sion…” Then throw your arms out to the other side again, clench your hands into fists, and kick your outside leg with the knee bent. "Huh!!!" Throw your arms over your head and make sure your fingers point that way. The inside leg must be bent and the outside leg must be straight.

Everyone is speechless until Trunks says he thinks it's really lame. Goku says they'll both have to do it with "left and right symmetry", but the boys don't know what that means. So Goku wants Piccolo to try it with him, but Piccolo is pretty reluctant... Goku says they'll have to move in reverse, like a mirror image. So Goku and Piccolo mirror each other's movements, moving towards each other and ending up with their fingers touching. Now it's the boys' turn. Piccolo says that even if Vegeta was alive he would never do that and Goku isn't sure why…

Boo flies along and he yawns and says he's getting sleepy. So he lands in a village and decides to build a house to take a nap. But it's too noisy (people shouting at his presence) so he turns it down. Boo collects all living things, lifts them into the air and turns them into clay. Next, they "clean up" by destroying the surrounding landscape. Boo takes his large pile of clay and shapes it into a very strange beehive-shaped house. He climbs in through a hole in the side and shows everyone around. Here she is eating food (sitting at the table). This is his bath (bathing). This is the toilet (sitting on it). Here he is brushing his teeth (he is brushing at the sink). And this is the bed (sleeps). Boo wakes up and says, “Mmmmm, I think I slept for about five seconds. Now I'm going to kill, kill!"

Goku and Piccolo train the boys, watching their moves, and Kuririn, one of the spectators, marvels at the dance training. Baba comes and says time to go back. Goku tells Piccolo that it's up to him now, but the boys should have Fusion mastered by tomorrow. Everyone gathers to say goodbye and Goku tells Chi-Chi not to feel bad, she still has Goten. Chi-Chi thinks Majin Boo might kill him, but Goku insists that he won't if he can master the technique. Goku says that he will try to greet Gohan in the afterlife, but Videl still insists that she thinks Gohan is somehow alive. Kuririn doubts it since he can't sense his Ki, but Goku thinks it's likely. Baba says he really has to go, but Goten seems to want something. Chi-Chi realizes she wants to hug her father, but Goten just lowers his head. Goku then picks him up and hugs him, telling Goten to watch out for his mother. Goku flies off with Baba yelling at everyone. "Later guys!! We'll meet again when you're dead!!" Goku snorts and Kuririn smiles thinking what a jerk he is.