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Goku prepares a boulder and Gohan thinks he can cut it up like tofu. But Kaiōshin thinks they should test it with something harder, and creates a large cube out of thin air. He throws the cube to Goku and explains that this is the hardest metal in the universe, Katchin Steel. Goku knocks it around a bit and is quite impressed. He asks Gohan if he's ready and then throws a block of Katchin Steel at him. Gohan swings his sword at him but... the Z sword breaks when it connects with the block. Everyone is completely shocked and Goku blames it on Kaiōshin, but Kaiōshin says that the legendary sword should have had the greatest power. Gohan thinks the legend may have been exaggerated when he drops the broken remains of the sword.

Gohan got up and said that his physical strength went up a lot because the Z Sword was so heavy. Perhaps it was the source of the greatest power, and Kaiōshin agrees that Gohan probably charged a lot. However, Goku is not sure if this is enough to defeat Majin Buu. Suddenly, an old man in kaiōshin clothing appears, startling everyone and saying that it's not that. Everyone wonders who it is, and the old man says that it is a Kaiōshin from fifteen generations ago. A very strong and evil person, maybe not at the level of Majin Boo, had sealed him in that sword a long time ago. The person was afraid of his 'fearfulness'. Goku thinks the old man doesn't look that awesome and decides to test him by shooting him. He hits Old Kaiōshin right in the face and lands hard on the ground.

Old Kaiōshin gets up and starts calling Goku all sorts of dirty names. Goku thinks it's just an old windbag. The old Kaiōshin says that the villain was not afraid of his "power", but of his terrifying abilities. Goku is curious, but old Kaiōshin says he's not saying that and sticks out his tongue. Goku offers him some sexy books if he says so, but the old Kaiōshin says he can only watch the girls bathe or undress with his divine eyes. Goku then offers him the option to touch a real woman's breast or ass, thinking that he is the same type as Kame-Sen'nin.

Gohan wonders what he's up to, so Goku says that when Gohan returns to the lower world, he can ask his girlfriend, the girl Videl, to do it. Gohan freaks out and objects. Goku steps back and asks old Kaiōshin if he would mind an older woman instead. Goku tells Gohan to tell Bulma the circumstances and Gohan thinks he can't ask her something like that. Goku asks old Kaiōshin if this ability can defeat Majin Buu, and he says that it's not certain, but it most likely can. Goku says she could save the universe just by hurting herself a little, and Gohan thinks it's sexual harassment. Besides, and even if they can save the universe, Bulma will kill him. But Goku doesn't listen to Gohan and shakes hands with old Kaiōshin.

Now that everything is settled, the old Kaiōshin explains his super ability. No matter how amazing a master you may be, it can draw all your latent power far beyond your limits. Goku thinks he's heard of this ability before, but Old Kaiōshin insists that no one else can do it as well as this one. He looks at Gohan, seeing that he was the one who drew the sword, and says that he can surely make someone who would draw and swing that sword into the strongest in the universe. Even though he thought the one who would free him from the sword would be a Kaiōshin, not an Earthling. Kaiōshin makes a solemn apology.

Old Kaiōshin tells Gohan to stand there and not move. Then she starts doing some funky dance and circling around him. Gohan tries to ask about it, but the old Kaiōshin tells him to be quiet for this important ritual. Goku asks how long it will take, and the old Kaiōshin says five hours for the ritual, twenty hours to power up. Goku decides to take a nap while Kibito and Kaiōshin realize that they should probably stay awake. Gohan doesn't like it at all. Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten are still practicing Fusion, and Piccolo says they've almost perfected it. Now he wants them to test it and tells them to match their ki exactly. Trunks doubts the two can merge. Piccolo yells that it's time to start.