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“In one day, Majin Boo destroyed 80% of the people and cities on Earth. As a child, Majin Boo thinks it's funny when people try to resist or run away from him. Most of the people were killed by the explosion, but sometimes when he's hungry, he turns people into candy to eat. But Earth just watched in silence. The army made a move, but of course it couldn't compete at all. Now everyone knows it's all futile and there's only one they can turn to... But the rest of the people haven't completely given up hope. They know from the radio broadcast that the savior survived. Everyone is waiting for the awakening of that savior…”

"Yes. The champion who until now rested in hiding to recover from the fatigue of the Tenka'ichi Budōkai… The one who defeated Cell… The strongest in the world, no, the universe! Now… Earth's most famous and legendary man woke up. And so he finally confronts Majin Boo. He carries the hope of the few remaining humans on his shoulders... Yes! The strongest warrior, boasting mythical invincibility... Mr. Satan has finally struck!!!" The royal army flew Satan to a safe distance from Bo's house.One of the officers asks about Satan's bag and he replies that it is full of his secret weapons.

Satan drops his cloak and belt and then calls out to Boo in a very low voice. The guy thinks Satan's throat must be hurting, so he yells at him. Satan calls him an idiot and says that Boo will hear and hides behind a rock. But Boo doesn't come out and Satan tells them to hurry up and leave. Once they are gone, Satan sneaks up and holds a small bush in front of his face. Once he gets close enough, he throws a small rock at Boo's house, but nothing happens. Satan creeps around the outside of the house and peers into the window to see that it is empty. Satan then gets brave and starts making fun of Boo because he's not really here. Suddenly there is a noise behind him and Satan falls to his knees and apologizes profusely. But the noise turned out to be just a lizard. Satan is mad that he did all this just for a stupid lizard, so he stomps on it.

Suddenly, Boo appears on the roof and Satan bows and humbly greets him as he descends. Boo asks what he wants to be turned into, hard candy? A cookie? Rubber? Satan asks him to hold on as he has some beautiful gifts for Majin Boo. Satan says it's no big deal and Boo thinks he'll just kill him then. Satan quickly retracts it, saying it's premium chocolate. Boo isn't sure what that means, so Satan explains that it's very expensive and very tasty. Boo takes a piece, sniffs it, then eats it. Satan grins devilishly, thinking of the deadly poison he put in the chocolate. But nothing happens and Boo says it's even tastier than human chocolate.

Satan's next gift is a GamePoy and he shows Bo how to play with it. Boo gets frustrated because it's too hard, so Satan gives him an easier game. Satan runs away as he plays and then pulls the trigger he's holding. "Boom!" The GamePoy explodes and Satan says that's "the end". But Boo survives and thinks it was a fun game. Since Satan is funny, Boo decides she wants to make him a servant. Satan is grateful and Boo offers him some human candy. Satan reluctantly starts chewing them up and says they're delicious, but then does the "hey look over there" thing and spits them out. Satan then makes Bo stare at something else, and while he's distracted, Satan elbows him in the back of the head. Boo doesn't even notice and asks what he's looking at. Satan says he saw a shadow. Boo says he'll kill it and fires a large blast into the distance.

Satan tells Boo that he did very well and thinks they should have their picture taken together. He tells Boo to lie on the ground, as is the latest fashion, and then Satan stands over Boo's body for a photo. Satan thinks he at least got a good picture of it. The two go inside and Satan serves Boo some food before washing his back in the tub. Satan hates all of this, but he still figures out a way to kill Boo.