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The cohort wonders why Mr. Satan would be with Majin Boo, but the sniper says it doesn't matter; they just kill him and become the new heroes. Satan spots them on top of a cliff, but a sniper then fires a rocket at the house. Satan manages to escape and they celebrate their victory. But when the smoke clears, Boo is unharmed and very angry. The sniper prepares to fire again, but suddenly the cohort is knocked out. Satan is also very angry and subsequently takes out the snipers. Boo calms down as the villains are taken care of and Satan heads back to the remains of the house. Satan notices that the puppy is still alive, and Boo quickly rushes over to heal him. The two jump for joy, happy that the puppy is okay.

Dende and Piccolo watched from above and Piccolo wondered why the windbag was with Majin Boo. Dende seems hopeful that they might not even have to fight, but Piccolo says that Boo is still dangerous. Suddenly, the sniper gets to his feet, shoots Satan with a pistol from his back pocket, and then runs away. Boo is now incredibly angry and letting off a lot of steam. He puts the puppy down and heals Satan, who thanks Boo for saving him. Boo weakly tells him to run far away with the puppy or they will die. Satan doesn't understand and Boo yells at him to hurry up. Satan runs off with the puppy as Bo's vapor forms into a giant cloud overhead. A cloud then begins to form and everyone is afraid of what is happening.