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Boo snapped his neck with a very evil grin. Piccolo doesn't like it at all and Kuririn asks what's going on. Piccolo says that Boo's ki has completely changed; he was transformed because of some stupid earthlings. He has become pure evil and his body now seems much better suited for combat. Kuririn nervously says that there are still youngsters and Fusion so there's nothing to worry about, but Piccolo isn't so nice. In the Kaiōshin Realm, even Goku notices the change in Boo's ki. Gohan worries that he won't make it, but old Kaiōshin says not to worry as he sits there reading the manga.

Mr. Satan is worried about the new Boo. Sniper's cohort is still alive and scrambles up the cliff, grabs his machine gun and starts shooting Boo with it. But the bullets have no effect and just pass through him. Boo starts to laugh evilly and then flies over and squirts into his mouth and then makes him explode from the inside. Boo then flies towards Satan and the puppy, but stops when he sees them. Satan figured he was scared until he noticed Boo hovering in the air just above him. Boo just says, "Sa...ta...n" and flies off, leaving Satan to wonder if he still remembers him. Boo flies along, laughing maniacally as the pressure wave he leaves behind blows everything away. It suddenly changes direction and flies straight up. At the God Temple, Piccolo shouts to everyone that Majin Boo has detected their ki, but his warning is too late as Boo suddenly appears right in front of them.