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In the Kaiōshin Realm, Kaiōshin notices that everyone on Earth has been killed. Goku can't believe it and wonders if the entire Earth has been destroyed. Kaiōshin says that the Earth is mostly unscathed, but he doesn't know what happened. Gohan doesn't hear them and gets angry as he asks if it's over yet. Old Kaiōshin (still reading the manga) says no, because Gohan has amazing latent powers. Gohan stands up and angrily tells him to pull himself together, releasing enough power in the process to nearly blow everyone away. Gohan prepares for another lecture, but suddenly stops, wondering if this "boiling force" is really him. Old Kaiōshin tells me to sit down and Gohan nervously apologizes. Goku thinks he's not just a dirty old man after all and wonders how much power Gohan has hidden.

Back at the God Temple, Boo is playing with the hourglass when the boys realize that he has changed a lot. Piccolo says that he has changed in every way, not just in form. He tells them to hurry and get to the Room of Spirit and Time; in one minute you can get six hours of training here. Suddenly, Chi-Chi comes out towards Boo, slapping him and yelling at him for killing Gohan. "Become an egg." Boo turns her into an egg, steps on her, then returns to the sand. Goten starts to get angry but Piccolo yells at him to stay put as she can be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls if he defeats Majin Boo, other than that she can't do anything at her current level. So they need to train the rest of the time. Trunks excitedly tells Goten that they should train and beat up Majin Boo.

Inside the Room of Spirit and Time, Trunks complains about the bad food and water until Goten starts training in the white space, so Trunks runs out to train as well. Some time passes and Piccolo silently watches Boo staring at the sand. Videl comes to Piccolo and asks how Majin Boo knows her father. “It's simple. Mr. Satan is the only person that Majin Boo has ever had guarding around. When we were trying to achieve things through sheer force, Mr. Satan, whatever his intentions, decided to become friends with Majin Boo. As proof of that , even though every Earthling was killed, Mr. Satan was the only person he didn't kill. Even though he turned into such a destructive monster, those memories still remained. His strength is no match for ours, but your father is truly a proud world champion."

Boo gets irritated and suddenly yells that he won't wait any longer. He destroys the hourglass and Piccolo tries to tell him that it hasn't even been thirty minutes. Boo then shoots a hole in the floor and it goes straight through the temple and into the sky. Boo yells to bring him out and Piccolo finally backs down. Piccolo slowly walks Boo towards them, and Kuririn realizes that Piccolo probably intends to have Majin Boo fight the boys in the Room of Spirit and Time, away from everyone else.