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Gotenks insists that he wasn't serious yet, but he will show Bo what he can really do now. Gotenks rushes at Boo and proceeds to unleash many ridiculously named general attacks. Exasperated, Boo tackles Gotenks and sends him flying as Piccolo covers his eyes in disgust. Gotenks says that Boo is very tough, but insists that he was counting on it. Boo says he's very weak so it's no fun and he kills him right away. Gotenks mutters that Boo just doesn't understand what's going on at all... Now Boo will regret making him angry! “Super Saiyan!!!!!” Piccolo is amazed that he is now able to become a Super Saiyan after Fusion.

Gotenks says he will put an end to it, but wonders which of his many techniques to use. Boo will die from it one day, but oh well. “Galactic Donut!!!!” Gotenks creates a small ring of ki and sends it hovering over Boo. It expands the ring, lowers it to surround Boo, and finally wraps the ring tightly around it. Piccolo is really excited to see how the technique works as Boo screams and tries to break free. Boo suddenly stops screaming, jokingly says "No" and easily breaks free. Gotenks is confused as Boo flies towards him. Gotenks jumps over Boo's attack, but Boo kicks him high into the air and then flies him up. Boo backs away and kicks Gotenks to the ground, then lunges down at him. Gotenks kicks off the ground and heads back towards Boo. The two collide in mid-air with a massive headbutt. Boo ends up injured, but so is Gotenks, who gives Boo the middle finger. Gotenks says he's really going to end things now, and Piccolo starts to think he might actually do it. "Take this!!! And then disappear from this world!!! My thoughtful, specialized great technique!!!! Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!!!!" Gotenks charges up a bit and then spits out the ghost "Hi, I'm a ghost~"