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"Heeheehee, I'm so scary, I'm so scary~ There I am, okay~ I'm really quite scary~", says the ghost. Boo is confused while Piccolo wonders what the hell that is. Gotenks says that Boo is now dead and commands the ghost to do so. The ghost flies right at Boo and Boo easily backhands it. But upon impact the spirit explodes. Boo is all confused, his body looking really twisted, and Gotenks excitedly explains that even the slightest touch of the spirit will cause a huge explosion. Piccolo yells to hurry up and finish off Boo. "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Ten-Ghosts-Together Finish!!!!" Gotenks spits out ten ghosts, all of whom get a bit confused. Gotenks tells them to all fall in line and face the front. Two of the ghosts start arguing and Gotenks yells at them to obey. Each spirit then calls out its number.

Piccolo interrupts and says that Majin Boo has already returned to normal. Gotenks is tickled that Boo is taking it all so lightly, just sitting there drinking a cream soda (and reading a car magazine). Gotenks calls out to him, so Boo gets up with his soda. Gotenks sends #1 and #2 at Boo, but Boo flies up at the last second and the spirits crash into each other. Boo sticks out his tongue and says he won't fall for the same trick twice. Gotenks calls for a meeting with the ghosts, and once they have a new plan, the two ghosts turn on each other and blow themselves up. Gotenks says that because of the two stupid ghosts, everyone but #10 should go as planned. The five ghosts fly at Bo, who prepares, but then the ghosts stop and gather around something on the ground. The ghosts wonder aloud what this strange thing is, and Boo curiously sneaks up to look at it. The five then jump on Boo, exploding, leaving Boo a gooey mess again. Gotenks tells #10 to finish it off by slamming Boo's mouth, which #10 does, and boom! Gotenks strikes a cool pose and gives two victory signs that it's over.