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Boo, as surprised as the others by this, stares into the hole. Piccolo realizes that he was able to open a dimensional hole with just the power of his ki. The hole suddenly begins to shrink and Boo quickly squeezes through the small hole before disappearing, leaving Gotenks and Piccolo trapped. Everyone in the temple heard something and went outside wondering what the noise was. Meanwhile, Goku notices that the Majin Boo ki has returned, meaning that he has left the Room of Spirit and Time, but the youths have not... Goku really wants to see what's going on. Upon hearing this, old Kaiōshin materializes a crystal ball and throws it to Goku so he can watch the events. Goku looks into the crystal ball and is stunned to see God's temple, but then Boo begins to reform. Everyone is shocked to see Boo is back. Boo looks at them and says she's getting hungry and turns them all into chocolate. Goku can't believe this is happening and Gohan wants to know what's going on, but Goku tells him that he just has to keep focusing.

“There's no one to protect things anymore… But everything should work somehow… As long as Earth has the Dragon Balls…”

Back in the spirit and time room, Gotenks and Piccolo scream like Boo, but nothing happens. Piccolo thinks it's useless and everyone must be dead the whole time they were here screaming. Gotenks reluctantly says that he will have to use "it" now. Piccolo asks what he's talking about... Gotenks laughs and says he'll show him. Gotenks starts charging until he reaches Super Saiyan 3. Piccolo asks how, but Gotenks doesn't know. Gotenks says he's really strong now, but his face looks villainous, like Piccolo. But now is no time for chitchat, so Gotenks screams and opens his own dimensional hole.

Gotenks and Piccolo jump through as Boo stands there licking his lips from his feast. Boo notices that Gotenks has changed and Gotenks says that he is amazingly stronger. Meanwhile, Goku is amazed that they reached Super Saiyan 3 so quickly. Piccolo notices that the temple is all broken and asks where everyone is. Boo rubs his belly and says that they are there, which makes Gotenks really angry. Boo smirks as Gotenks flies towards him.