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Gotenks flies at Bo, slamming his head right through the main structure of the temple and out into the air, surprising Boo. Gotenks lunges at him again and Boo barely manages to dodge a punch before grabbing Gotenks fist and throwing him around. He throws Gotenks through the floor of the temple, knocking a large chunk off of him. Boo screams in rage as Gotenks laughs at how crazy he is and Piccolo laments the destruction of the temple. Boo curls up into a ball and flies towards them. Gotenks dodges, so Boo shoots straight through the temple floor into the air again. Boo continues to do this until the temple is completely destroyed except for the floor beneath them. Gotenks is about to counter but Boo knocks their remaining floor out from under him as he poses. Piccolo yells at Gotenks to do it without posing. Disappointed, Gotenks obeys and fires his Rapid-Fire Super Donut attack at Boo.

Gotenks fires a bunch of donuts that surround Bo and trap him in a sphere. Piccolo excitedly thinks Majin Boo has been sealed away, but Gotenks says he'll be free soon, so he'll just damage him now. “Clash Ultra Boo-Boo Volleyball!!!!” Gotenks wants Piccolo to help and instructs him to say "Okay!" after saying "Here I go!" Piccolo reluctantly agrees. Gotenks says "Here I have it!" and Piccolo replies "Okay!" Gotenks passes, Piccolo throws and Gotenks charges, sending Boo volleying down to Earth. Piccolo realizes that he wasn't much help after all. Gotenks flies down after Bo and notices that he has left a large crater in the Earth as if a meteorite had crashed and laughs.