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Gotenks calls Bo from the crater, knowing that his attack would not be enough to kill him. He tells Boo to hurry because he won't be able to stay that strong for long and it will be an hour before he can do it again. Piccolo arrives and Gotenks says that maybe he was too strong after all and Boo is really dead. But suddenly a huge explosion shoots out of the crater, narrowly missing Gotenks and Piccolo. Piccolo nervously notes that the blast had enough energy to destroy Earth in an instant. Gotenks is mad and decides to fire several rapid fire missiles down into the crater. Piccolo warns him that he's going to blow up the Earth, but Gotenks isn't too worried since they're all dead anyway. Piccolo yells at Gotenks that he might end up destroying the dragon ball, and if even one ball is destroyed, nothing can be restored.

Gotenks stops and thinks that Boo is probably weakened as well. Boo flies out of the wreckage, but isn't actually weakened. Piccolo says he's really weakened; although not physically, but certainly in spirit. Boo had never fought anyone this strong before. Gotenks rejoices, thinking that Boo is scared, but Piccolo scolds him for being careless. Boo flies over Gotenks and crashes into the distance, then chases after him. Gotenks dodges a punch and then slams Boo into the remains of the city. Gotenks flies at Boo, but Boo fires a huge blow at Gotenks. When the smoke clears, an angry Gotenks appears, burned to a crisp. He decides to counter with an explosion of his own mouth, which in turn fries Boo. The two fall to the ground and Gotenks kicks, blocks a punch and gets another kick before gaining the upper hand and absolutely pummeling Boo. Goku thinks Gohan won't even spin at this rate. Gotenks announces that he will finish it and tear Bo into little pieces and he won't be able to recover as he wipes Bo with his ki this time. But then suddenly Super Saiyan 3 runs out and Gotenks goes back to normal…