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Boo begins to recover from his injuries and Gotenks laughs nervously. Piccolo thinks it's over. Back in the Kaiōshin Realm, Goku asks the old Kaiōshin to please hurry as the youths have shut down from Fusion. Old Kaiōshin says he can go, he's been done for about five minutes. Gohan asks why he didn't say that sooner and the old man says it was more dramatic. Realizing he has to hurry, Gohan asks how to become a warrior of supreme power. The old Kaiōshin says it's basically like turning into a "Super Whatever" and focusing on a kiai. Gohan concentrates and unleashes his power, nearly blowing everyone away.

Gohan hasn't changed much visually and Goku is amazed that he isn't even a Super Saiyan. Kaiōshin says they have to hurry to Earth, but Kibito says he'll take Gohan himself. The two would just get in the way of this incredible savior, and Kibito intends to leave right after taking Gohan. Goku feels bad that he can't take Gohan by himself. He says they will never meet again until Gohan enters the afterlife for good. Goku tells him good luck, beats up Boo, and then they hug. Kibito teleports away with Gohan, and the old Kaiōshin scoffs that he didn't even get thanked for all he's done.

On Earth, Gohan can ask Kibito for a favor: he wants a different outfit. He wants to fight in the same dōgi as his father. Kibito says it's a simple thing and asks if the color was the same as the frog poop on Planet Ash. Gohan says it was a "golden yellow" color and it's done in a flash. Kibito says that he will pray for him from the Kaiōshin Realm, and Gohan says to greet the two Kaiōshins. Kibito teleports away and Gohan flies away. Tribes and Goten are no longer fused and rightfully think they will be killed now. Piccolo says he'll fight them even though it won't do any good anyway. Boo suddenly sits up and starts to sleep and Piccolo wonders why. All four then feel a large ki heading towards them.