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Everyone is surprised that he has such strong ki, and Boo stands up to take a look as well. Piccolo thinks it might be a new enemy until he gets closer and Piccolo realizes it's Goku. But Goten quickly corrects him: “No!!! Brother… That's brother!!!!” Piccolo can't believe it. Gohan lands in front of them, glad he made it in time. Gohan says that Kaiōshin saved him and was with him until now. Piccolo thinks he didn't recognize him because he is somehow different now, even his facial features. The makeup of his ki is also different, the softness gone. Gohan learns from Trunks that Majin Boo killed everyone, even his mother and Dende. Gohan is upset that everyone is gone, along with the Dragon Balls. Boo says they were delicious, but Gohan feels a weak ki somewhere... Gohan smirks and walks up to Boo, glaring at him. Boo asks if he intends to fight him… “No. I intend to kill you.”

Boo laughs and remembers beating up Gohan before. Piccolo thinks Gohan can't win and the boys prepare to use Fusion to help them. Gohan suddenly powers up and punches Boo in the face, kicks him, blocks the punch, kicks him again, punches him in the stomach, kicks Bo in the air, follows him, then kicks Boo to the ground. Boo lands hard and quickly looks up to try and find Gohan, but he can't see him. "Here." Boo is shocked to hear Gohan's voice behind him and turns to look. Gohan smirked and told Boo that he was such a fool. Piccolo, Trunks and Goten's jaws drop in amazement.