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Boo is shocked and Gohan confides that he can't win. Boo realizes that it was him after all, but Gohan doesn't know what he means. Boo could sense a strong power very far away, but he can't allow anyone to be stronger than him. Boo yells that he won't let Gohan get away with it and kills him. Gohan says that Boo knows it's futile, but Boo just smirks and starts charging. Gohan suddenly realizes what he's doing and quickly flies Piccolo and the boys away while Boo self-destructs. The group lands on a distant cliff overlooking the destruction, where Gohan says that Boo didn't die when he destroyed himself, nor was he trying to kill Gohan. Piccolo can't feel his ki at all and Gohan says he's hiding it. Goten suspects a sneak attack, but Gohan realizes he must be planning something.

The trunks figure, even if Boo is alive, Gohan can easily take care of him. Goten says he's even stronger than their Super Gotenks, and Trunks might concede a bit. Piccolo asks Gohan how he got it in the first place and Gohan says it's because of the awesome old man. Gohan then demands to know who has the dragon radar and the trunks say that Piccolo has it. Piccolo says that Dende is dead, but Gohan points to Dende's weak ki he felt. The four of them fly off towards Dende, spotting someone else along the way. Mr. Satan, who wants beer or at least water, walks through the desert with a puppy. Trunks wants to leave him, but Piccolo thinks they should take him with them. Piccolo carries Satan and Goten carries a puppy.

Piccolo wonders why Dende himself would survive since Boo had plenty of time to kill him. Gohan says that Piccolo and Gotenks left the Room of Spirit and Time almost immediately after Boo did, so Boo probably didn't have much time. Piccolo realizes he made a mistake and it was only ten seconds in this dimension. Piccolo drops Satan when he gets excited, but Trunks catches him. They soon see Dende, who is excited to see everyone. Dende explains that Mr. Popo threw him down when Boo came back because he has to live, and Piccolo thinks Mr. Popo did good. Satan marvels at this brat with strange skin, but Trunks says he is God. Goku is relieved while Kaiōshin thinks about this Dragon Ball stuff. Back on Earth, Satan learns that Videl has been killed, but Goten assures him that she can be brought back. Satan threatens Goten, saying that he will make him swallow a thousand needles if he lies. Suddenly he senses Majin Boo approaching and Gohan wonders what he came up with in the last hour.