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Boo lands and smiles as Gohan thinks nothing has changed. Trunks thinks that Boo will run away again. Boo looks over and yells that he wants to fight the youths again. Gohan refuses, saying that he is Boo's opponent, but Boo insists that he wants to even the score with them before facing Gohan. Gohan wonders why, but Boo ignores him, accusing the boy of being too scared. Trunks and Goten each say they aren't and Piccolo thinks something weird is going on. Trunks tells Piccolo that Boo is too stupid to have a plan... The two then quickly perform a Fusion. Gotenks starts out in his Super Saiyan 3 form and calls himself Super Gotenks, the death god of justice. Boo thinks "With that young man... and that Piccolo guy's brain..." Gotenks flies next to Gohan and him to let him fight. Boo oozes a bit from his back into two orbs and the orbs slide across the ground unnoticed.

As Gotenks prepares to fight, one blob surrounds him while the other blob takes Piccolo. Boo snaps his finger and brings the two balls back to him. As he absorbs them into his body, he begins to transform himself. Goku wants Gohan to hurry up and kill him, but Boo's transformation is over before Gohan can react. Boo sighs and looks at Gohan with a devilish grin. His front is now elongated, reaching down to his knees, similar to Super Saiyan 3's hair, and he is wearing Gotenks' vest. Boo thinks out loud that this is indeed the birth of the strongest majin. Gohan can't believe it, but Boo says it's all Gohan's fault that he got stronger. Sensing Gohan's existence from afar, he thought he might be stronger, so he began to plan. His suspicions were confirmed when they fought, which was when he realized that he would be strongest if he absorbed Super Gotenks. But since his power had a time limit, Boo decided to wait until the next opportunity. Gohan says that Bo's stupidity still hasn't changed because it would be smarter to just absorb him. Boo realizes that Gohan doesn't understand. “What would be the point of being the strongest if there is no one to fight? Didn't the previous Majin Boo say that? That I would surely kill you? That's my biggest motivation…” Gohan smiles, saying that he already understood.