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Boo wants to speed up this fight because of Super Gotenks time limit. Gohan thinks that Boo was right to absorb Piccolo as well. Gohan kicks Boo but Boo grabs his leg. Gohan tries with the other leg, but Boo catches it as well and Gohan just hangs there. Gohan fires his hand, but Boo ducks his head and dodges. From there, Boo sends his forward lunge between his own legs so he grabs Gohan around the neck. He then pulls Gohan between his legs so that Gohan and Boo are now back to back. Boo then faces back and punches Gohan into the distance, followed by a huge explosion, but Gohan barely manages to jump out of the way.

Boo flies up to Gohan and taunts him, angering Gohan. Gohan flies at Boo with a kick, but Boo avoids it by leaning back. He leans so far that he does a full somersault and kicks Gohan into the air. Boo then fires Gotenks' Rapid-Fire Super Donut, tying up Gohan, and Boo laughs and asks what if he feels like he was executed by his friend's technique. In the Kaiōshin Realm, Goku thinks that Gohan will surely be killed. Old Kaiōshin says he didn't expect this to happen and tells Son Goku to go help. Goku says that he can no longer return to the world of the living. Old Kaiōshin realizes this and says that he will lay down his own life so that Goku can live. Kibito protests that he will give his life to a mortal, but the old man says that Majin Boo will surely come here otherwise. Kaiōshin volunteers instead, but the old Kaiōshin says that he is still young, while he only has about a thousand years left.

Boo prepares to use another of their techniques, the Kamehameha, and Gohan breaks free of the donuts just in time to avoid him. Boo is annoyed at his persistence. Meanwhile, back in the afterlife, Enma-daiō comments that he left this particular soul alone in case something like this happened, and since it did, he left and even gave him a body again. Enma-daiō orders him to go to Earth and help, and has Uranai Baba take him there. Baba understands. Vegeta smirks, thinking it's funny that they would ask a villain like him to help them, even though he only offers a faint hope of defeating Majin Boo.

Old Kaiōshin says his goodbyes and then bows. Goku's halo disappears and he vows not to waste this life. The old Kaiōshin suddenly sits up again, aura, telling him to hurry so he doesn't die in vain. Meanwhile, Boo continues to mock Gohan's persistence to live.