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Boo laughs and says that he has no one to bond with anymore, and Goku realizes that his only choice is Mr. Satan. Satan, who is hiding behind a rock, turns to Dende and says that Majin Boo is still alive but has run out of bullets. Dende says unenthusiastically, "That's right..." Boo, in his infinite generosity, gives Goku five seconds to choose someone to fuse with. "Satan is not good... With the power of 1000, I would become 1001, and that can't win... Or rather, I would be weaker than I am now...?!" Goku's time is up so he yells at Satan to get ready. He prepares to throw the Potara at Satan, but suddenly he hears a familiar gunshot in the distance. "...Vegeta......?!!!!" Uranai Baba tells Vegeta that this is as far as he can get him because he is scared. Boo rushes in as Goku teleports away just as Boo hits him.

Goku is excited that it's really Vegeta, while Vegeta is surprised to see him at all, as is Baba. Boo doesn't care if Goku went to the bottom of the Earth, to another planet or wherever, he will follow him no matter what. Boo then flies off, leaving Satan and Dende in a cloud of dust. Dende says he will follow them and Satan begs him to take him with him. Meanwhile, Baba asks how Goku is alive again, but Goku says that there is no time to explain and he must leave immediately. Baba takes the hint and quickly flies away; they will talk later. Goku then asks Vegeta to put the Potara on his right ear. Vegeta asks why and Goku explains that they will fuse and become a warrior with incredible power. Goku insists that this is the only way to defeat Boo, but Vegeta is reluctant.

Boo senses another great power, but still doubts that they would even connect much with the opponent. Goku says that Boo is coming and begs Vegeta to put on the Potara. But Vegeta yells at Goku for holding back and not using Super Saiyan 3 during their fight. Goku insists that the transformation was limited in time, but then gets angry and asks Vegeta if he also knows that Boo killed everyone, including Bulma, and then everyone was absorbed by Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. Vegeta hesitates when Boo gets very close, but eventually asks for Potara. Goku throws it to him and he starts putting it to his right ear. Boo notices them and prepares to attack them with ki. Vegeta has an earring and Goku decides to mention that they will be permanently fused. "Yes... damn..!!!" But Vegeta has it and Goku thanks him. The two fly at each and then a large flash of light appears... Shocked Boo stops dead in his tracks, still holding his ki attack as he is greeted by a new warrior!