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“Vegeta and Kakarrot teamed up… It could be called 'Vegetto'. But other than that... This is Super Vegetto!!” Boo finally recovers and launches a ki attack at Vegetto, but he easily hits it right back at Boo. Boo managed to duck out of the way at the last second by pulling his head into his neck. Boo laughs, thinking it's no big deal, and flies at Vegetto with a fist, but Vegetto kicks him hard in the face, breaking his nose. Vegetto mocks him and says that Boo probably wishes he still didn't have a nose. Boo says he's going to die a painful death, but Vegetto punches him in the face really hard.

Boo kicks Vegetto, but Vegetto grabs his leg and then knocks Boo to the ground. Kaiōshin says that Boo is powerless and the Potara are awesome. Old Kaiōshin corrects him that it's because the two experts are fused, and more so because they're rivals. Back on Earth, Vegetto fires a ki saber towards the ground and uses it to impale Boo, lifting him back into the air. Vegetto asks him to be a little more serious, but Boo just stares at him. Vegetto wonders aloud if Boo really meant it and apologizes if he did. Boo slips off his sword and begins to rage. There is so much steam that the two are completely engulfed in it, but you can hear them fighting inside. As the smoke clears, Boo is all broken and Vegetto is holding Boo's front lock in his hand. Vegetto throws the ancestor into the air and pulverizes it into dust. He does this to Bo's entire body, wiping him clean from this world. Old Kaiōshin is upset that he's just playing around, while Boo is completely enraged.