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Kaiōshin can't believe he's been absorbed as Boo starts laughing and cursing at Vegetto and flicking his finger at him. Kaiōshin thinks it's all over, while Old Kaiōshin comments that it's strange that Majin Boo didn't turn on at all and his form didn't change like before. He thinks Vegetto may have been planning something great. Boo stops laughing and wonders why he hasn't changed. But in any case, he is now the strongest majin and no one stands in his way anymore. Boo rips off his shirt and laughs maniacally in shear pleasure. Meanwhile, Vegetto is somewhere inside Boo, very annoyed by Boo's annoying laugh. But he's glad the barrier worked and he wasn't swallowed. He decides to go ahead and down the barrier to start looking for Gohan and the others.

Kaiōshin notices what Vegetto did and thinks it's a great idea. Vegetto throws away the barrier and he suddenly splits back into Goku and Vegeta. Goku wonders how this is possible when it was supposed to be a permanent connection, but Vegeta is glad to be apart again. He fails to bond with Kakarrot a second time and takes off his Potara. Goku scolds him because they can probably reunite once he leaves Boo. Goku thinks it must be the bad atmosphere in Boo that is doing this. Vegeta smirks and crushes his Potara. Goku says that not only can they not reunite, but since Vegeta is dead, he will now have to return to the afterlife. Vegeta would prefer that to being reunited with him.

Vegeta doubts they need to reunite anyway, but Goku says they don't know. Vegeta says that in that case they'd better hope they find Gohan and the others. Vegeta leaves and says they should hurry before Boo blows up the Earth. Goku crushes his own Potara and follows. Seeing how they destroyed Potara, the Kaiōshins went berserk. Vegeta then calls Goku because he found Piccolo. It's trapped inside this little case connected to the lining of Boo's insides. Goku then notices Gohan, Trunks, and Goten. Back outside, Boo thinks he'll celebrate by destroying Earth. Vegeta notes that the youngsters also lost their fusion, but Goku says that it was just the thirty minute fusion time limit. Also, Boo obviously had Gotenks traits before. Goku then realizes that this means they could do a Fusion here as well. Vegeta instead thinks they should hurry up and get out of here.

Goku and Vegeta start clipping everyone's pods and Boo suddenly reverts to his Piccolo appearance. He suddenly realizes what's going on, but it's too late and he's reverted back to his pre-absorption form. Goku notes that Boo's power has decreased and the size of his ki is very different. Vegeta thinks they should get out now, but Goku insists they still can't fight Boo's power. If they go out, they will surely be killed. Vegeta asks what they should do. Goku wishes he didn't destroy Potara, but there is another method. Vegeta has seen Fusion from the afterlife and refuses to do those ridiculous poses. Furthermore, he said that he would never team up with Kakarrot again. However, they suddenly notice another pod. Inside is a good Boo who has befriended Mr. Satan, and Goku thinks they should free him. However, they don't notice Boo appearing behind them…