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Vegeta says that he also saw it from the afterlife and explains to Goku that this fat Boo was turned into chocolate and eaten. Goku wonders if there are other people out there who were turned into chocolate and eaten. Suddenly, a voice is heard behind them. "They're not. He just got special treatment." The two turn around in horror to see that the Boo they are in has formed inside him and Vegeta wonders how that is possible. Boo doesn't know why they weren't absorbed, but he's upset that they disconnected all the other absorbed people. Vegeta thinks she is bad. Goku says that's why they should have kept Potara and reunited outside for an easy win. Boo is pleased to hear that they can't merge again, and Vegeta tells Goku that he's an idiot for saying that. Boo forms his entire body and prepares to fight, so the two transform into Super Saiyans.

Goku threatens to put a huge hole in Boo's body, but Boo doesn't care, so Goku does. Meanwhile, Dende approaches with Satan and the puppy, saying that he can feel Majin Boo's ki. Satan wonders what he thinks of Majin Boo's "tree". They quickly hide behind the bushes and watch as Boo stands motionless on top of the cliff, wondering why his form changed back. Inside, Goku's blast was ineffective. Boo explains that he felt something in his head because they are all the size of fleas. Goku says they'll have to find another way to defeat him, but Boo says that's not possible.

But Vegeta has another idea. He asks Boo what would happen if he released this second Boo pod, wondering if Boo would revert back to fat or thin. In any case, his power will definitely decrease. Boo begs him to stop, saying "I won't be me!!" Goku wonders what he means while Vegeta is now quite interested to find out. Boo lunges at Vegeta, but Vegeta releases the pod first. The inner Boo collapses and oozes away, while the outer Boo begins to scream in agony. Saying that they have to grab everyone and get out of here, Vegeta carries two pods each, with Boo's pod behind them, and they fly through Boo until they reach one of the steam vents in Boo's head. Outside, everyone returns to normal size, but everyone else is still unconscious. Boo still didn't notice their escape as Dende was impressed that they had saved the absorbed humans. Boo begins to build up and Goku points out that his ki is now increasing.