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Goku feels weird about Bo's change, but Vegeta says he's not done yet, he's still changing. Kaiōshin begins to freak out when he realizes that Boo is returning. Boo finally stopped screaming and shrunk down into a small baby form. Goku and Vegeta figure, this dwarf should be no problem. Kaiōshin can't believe it and old Kaiōshin wants to know what exactly is going on. “There were five Kaiōshins in my time… Until we were defeated by the mage Bibbidi's creation, Majin Boo… I was the youngest and the least strong, but somehow I was saved, only with a severe injury… But four were carried away by Boo's hand. … First two were killed. Northern Kaiōshin and Western Kaiōshin. …And then there was the toughest and strongest, South Kaiōshin. …Somehow he was absorbed by Boo.”

Old Kaiōshin asks if it was the huge Boo from before. “Yes. …Next to be absorbed was the fat but gentle and gentle Dai Kaiōshin. …The Majin Boo that Bibbidi created was pure evil. It was a failure that even Bibbidi himself could not handle, but once Dai Kaiōshin was absorbed, he seems to have been able to control it." The old Kaiōshin assumes it must be the original, very first and most disturbing Boo. "Yes. …He had gained a heart due to absorption that had reached the point where it reduced his strength, so he had now reverted back to his original form. Absolutely without self-control or mind… The incarnation of evil itself…”

Boo suddenly yelled and everyone covered their ears while Goku wondered what he was doing. Boo then calms down and blasts off at the planet. Vegeta quickly fires his own blast to knock him down, just in time. Goku is shocked that Boo did this and thanks Vegeta. Vegeta thinks that Boo would blow himself up with it, but Goku says that Boo can regenerate even after being broken into small pieces. Vegeta calls out to Boo that he should come and fight them, but Boo just ignores him and then grins evilly. Boo creates a large ball of energy above his head and Goku says there's no way they could deflect something that huge. Old Kaiōshin tells Kaiōshin to go give them his Potara. Goku begs Bo to stop, trying to convince him that fighting them is better than blowing up the Earth.

Goku calls Vegeta and says that he will use Shunkan-Idō on everyone. Goku suddenly sees Dende, Mr. Satan, and the puppy, all with pitiful faces, so he flies down and grabs them. However, there is no time to get the others and Goku realizes that there is no time to teleport away either. Suddenly, Kaiōshin appears and takes their hands. Vegeta notices that Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks and Goten are still on the ground. Earth explodes in a flash. But Kaiōshin arrives at the Kaiōshin Realm with Goku, Vegeta, Satan, Dende and the puppy. The old guy celebrates that they made it in time, but Goku says that they weren't in time to save Earth or Gohan and the others. Satan asks if this is heaven. "Damn you Kakarrot... Why the hell did you save those guys and that dog over Trunks and the others...?!"