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Goku warns Vegeta that since he's dead, he can't die again, or else he'll disappear from the worlds of the living and the afterlife, ceasing to exist at all. Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and flies towards Boo, launching a huge ki blast that destroys Boo from the waist down. Vegeta then unleashes a flurry of blasts and Goku thinks that at this rate he will definitely have a minute. As Vegeta continues to unleash his barrage of blasts, Boo reforms behind him and knocks Vegeta down hard. Vegeta holds his head in pain, which is bleeding a little, but Boo comes over and kicks him in the air, then Vegeta punches him in the head once, twice, then punches him. Vegeta can't believe how incredibly fast and hard Boo's attacks are and that Kakarrot could fight someone like that.

Goku hopes that Vegeta can last, but apparently he doesn't. Goku says it's been over a minute but he still can't erase Boo. Boo kicks Vegeta sending him flying, then reaches out and wraps his arm around Vegeta's neck. Vegeta is choking and Goku has no idea what to do. Suddenly, however, Satan calls Boo out. He gives a long promo about being a world champion fighter. Boo drops the Vegeta and turns his attention to Satan. Boo flies towards him, preparing to attack, and Satan is afraid, even though it's a dream. Satan ducks and covers and Boo misses him. Goku is a bit taken aback by Satan. Boo suddenly stops, looking like he's in extreme pain, and starts clutching his head. Satan realizes that Boo is scared and starts laughing.