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Satan laughs at Boo while Goku wonders why Boo is acting this way just because of Satan's arrival. Boo suddenly looks sick and Vegeta asks Kakarot if he's done yet. Goku says it's weird, but the ki he's collected starts to decrease. Boo then coughs... Boo. The original fat one. On the other planet, Dende discovers that the good one inside must have stopped Boo from attacking Satan. But Boo has no inhibitions now and sneaks up on Satan and punches him in the face. Satan rolls on the ground and screams how painful it is for the dream. Satan then runs off a long distance and starts throwing out some threats, but Boo just laughs and then beats his chest like a monkey. Satan thinks little of it until Boo lunges at him again.

Suddenly there is an explosion between Boo and Satan. They all look to see good Boo standing there. "I hate you. Don't mess with Satan." Mr. Satan is happy to see him. The two Boos fly at each other, with the bad one getting a hard kick to the good one. Fat Boo recovers and kicks the bad guy's ass, but the bad guy has a hard time touching it, grabs the good guy by the front and smacks him around. The good guy gets up and fires at the bad guy, blowing off half his torso, but he quickly regenerates. Vegeta yells at Kakarrot to pull himself together, but Goku says his power is fading. He then loses his Super Saiyan 3 form. Evil Boo flies through the air like a bullet and blows the good guy's head off, but also recovers. Satan is rooting for him, but good Boo doubts he can win. Vegeta thinks this has become the worst kind of game.