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Earth was restored to its previous peaceful state, as it was before Boo destroyed it. Porunga wants a second wish, so Dende grants it. Porunga says it will take time because of the large number of people to deal with. Meanwhile, evil Boo kicks good Boo over a nearby mountain and then rips off his own arm and repeatedly throws it at good Boo. Vegeta says that the fat's power is decreasing and asks Dende if the wish has already been granted. Old Kaiōshin explains that Porunga is in trouble when his halo suddenly disappears. Porunga says that the second wish is granted and Dende excitedly informs Vegeta. Vegeta's halo also disappears, causing Goku to remark in shock that he is no longer considered a bad guy.

The people on Earth notice their awakening, including Gohan, Piccolo, and the boys, as does everyone in the God Temple. Goku asks Vegeta if his plan was to revive Gohan and Trunks and everyone so they could help in the fight. No way. Vegeta wants him to prepare Genki-Dama. Goku doubts that gathering some genki from all the earthlings will be enough against Boo. Vegeta says he meant the earthlings would take responsibility for themselves. It won't just be a little genki; make people give more. Dende says Porunga wants a third wish, but Vegeta says it doesn't matter. Vegeta then somehow wants to talk to all earthlings at once like Bobbidi did. Kaiōshin says that's not possible. "Leave it to me. It's my special technique!" Goku recognizes it as Kaiō's voice. Kaiō is happy that Vegeta chose his Genki-Dama as the deciding factor. He then tells Vegeta to speak and he could even speak to the entire universe if he wanted to.

Vegeta speaks to the Earthlings and explains that they were all killed by Majin Boo, but now they have been brought back to life through strange powers and their cities and homes have also been restored. So this is no dream. Satan questions this "not a dream" business, but Goku shuts him up. Vegeta continues. “Somewhere there is a warrior fighting Majin Boo instead of all of you!! To be honest, it can be said that the situation is quite bad! Majin Boo's power far surpasses even Cell's! So I want you to lend your power!! Raise your hands to the sky!! We will gather your power to defeat Boo!! You will be pretty tired, but don't worry! It will be just like running really hard! We will do it! Put your hands up!!” Kaiō thinks that was not the way to ask.

Vegeta tells Kakarotto to hurry up and get started, and Goku is stunned by Vegeta as he rips off the remains of his overshirt. Goku then goes up in the air and raises his hands and says “Everyone!! Lend me as much genki as you can! I'm begging you!" Gohan, Trunks, and Goten take notice first, as does Piccolo, who says that it's very unlike Vegeta. The others in the God Temple do the same. Goku now has a really big Genki-Dama, but Vegeta says that he's still is not complete and wonders why Vegeta then hears the Earthlings hesitating to raise their hands and gets angry that they are not helping.