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"Finally, Majin Boo has vanished from existence... That means he has literally vanished from existence completely without a single cell left..." The Namekians and Kaiōshin all celebrate. On Earth, Piccolo informs Gohan and the boys that Boo's ki is completely gone. Back in the Kaiōshin Realm, Goku sits and breathes, and Satan confirms that it is indeed over. Satan informs everyone on Earth that the dreaded Majin Boo has just died and there is nothing to fear. Everyone sings "Satan" and all the people in God's temple dance with joy, except for Videl, who is unhappy with her father.

Dende, the pup, and Kaiōshin return to their world, and Dende rushes to heal Goku, but says that Vegeta needs healing first. Satan's reunion with the puppy is cut short when the puppy runs towards something. He found the original Boo in some rubble. Satan begs Dende to heal him, but Vegeta doesn't like the idea at all and is about to terminate him. Satan begs him not to, saying that he really isn't a bad person. Vegeta doesn't think it's worth the risk and it's best to kill him now. Satan begs Vegeta to let him take charge of Boo, and he takes Boo into himself. Vegeta thinks Satan is incapable of doing anything. Goku asks Dende to go ahead and heal Boo and tells Vegeta that this Boo and Satan helped in the battle. Just in case something goes wrong, Goku will still train to get stronger.

Kaiōshin thinks that it might not be good for Boo to live on Earth, because of all the terror he has caused to Earthlings. Goku says that he will simply prevent Boo from going outside for six months, and when the Dragon Balls revive, they will ask Shenlong to erase Boo from everyone's memory. Vegeta gets angry and says he doesn't care what they do anyway and Satan is very happy.

Once Boo is cured, Goku thinks they should all go back to Earth, mainly because he wants to eat and sleep a lot. And so Kaiōshin drops them all off at the God Temple. Goku, Vegeta, and Dende are the first to appear and everyone rushes over to greet them happily. Videl notices Satan and the puppy, but then everyone notices Boo next to him and freaks out. Goku tries to reassure everyone that he is fine. As Earth resumes its peaceful existence with the evil Boo destroyed, our heroes rejoice.

The world considered Master Satan an "ultra superhero". Six months later, memories of Boo were erased from the minds of all but those involved. But the people still knew that Satan had saved them from something terrible. And then another ten years passed…

Trunks, now a teenager, flies in a capsule plane. Thinking that flying like this is no fun, he climbs out of the cockpit, puts the plane in the capsule, and then flies alone. He comes to the house, knocks on the door and Gohan answers. Trunks asks where Goten is and Gohan says he's training in the backyard with their father and the others. Vegeta and Bulma are also there and Trunks is surprised that his parents have come too.