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In the backyard, Goten is exhausted. Goku tells Bulma and Vegeta that it's been a while, and Bulma says it wasn't just a moment; if she left him alone, they would never see each other. Goku says they just saw each other five years ago. Bulma disputes this, saying that when they all got together five years ago, he didn't even show up because he didn't have training. Goku says that she is definitely becoming a middle aged lady and yells back that Saiyans are crazy. Vegeta says that since the Saiyans are a fighting race, they stay young for a longer time to fight. Bulma wonders if she should ask Shenlong to make her younger.

Vegeta asks if it's true that Kakarrot is training for the Tenka'ichi Budōkai tomorrow. Goku says yes and thinks Vegeta should enter as well. A wonderful guy enters. Vegeta doesn't feel any strong ki, but Goku says it's because he suppressed his ki. Vegeta says that no one should be like that and asks if he is an alien. No, he's an earthling. Trunks then appears and asks Goten if he's training for tomorrow's entry. Goten reluctantly says that he is, but only because his father made him, even though he said no. He had a date tomorrow. Goku says he can go on a date anytime. Vegeta says they both have problem children and Goku agrees. Pan then arrives and tells Grandpa that she just flew around the Earth. Trunks asks if Pan is coming too, who enthusiastically says, "Yeah!" Bulma is worried because this time there is no children's division and she will have to fight adults. Goku says that she probably can't win, but it will be good for her. He also says that Pan is now the one with the most will power among them. Vegeta admits he's pretty intrigued now and says he'll enter. He orders Trunks to enter as well, or he will cut his contribution in half.

The next day, at the Tenka'ichi Budōkai... Satan tells Boo that they will do the same thing as before: Boo will become the Challenger Champion, then face Satan, the Super Champion, in the finals and lose. But he reminds Boo that he has to hold back his power against the challengers or he'll scare them all. Goku then appears in Satan's room with Pan and Satan is very happy to see his cute little Pan. He asks if she came to cheer for grandpa. No, she walks in and so does Grandpa Goku, Goten, Trunks and Uncle Vegeta.

Goku says they all went through the preliminaries and Satan went crazy. Goku assures him that he will allow Satan to win. But anyone but Boo or them can win. Goten asks Satan if he could get all their friends better seats and Satan says no problem. The whole gang now gets ringside seats, except the ring is too high for them to even see. Bulma says they're changing because they can't see anything, and they all move into the new skyboxes. Meanwhile, the announcer calls the contestants to the lottery; this time there are twelve of them. Whoever makes it to the end will face the super champion, Mr. Satan, to decide the winner. Vegeta asks Goku who the strong guy is, but Goku still won't say.

The lottery begins and Goku asks Bo to play the numbers with his magic. Vegeta, Son Goku, Mister Boo, Trunks, Pan, Son Goten, Kirano, Mō Kekko, Oob, Captain Chicken, Knock and Otoko Suki compete. Goku tells Vegeta that he wants to fight this person 100% in the first round. Mō draws and gets number 2 and then it's Trunks' turn. A little later it's Son Goku's turn to draw and he asks Bo to make him number 3. Kirano is next and Goku says to make him number 6. Vegeta thought that Kirano might be the guy. Oob is next and Goku tells Boo to make him number 4 and then he doesn't need to use magic after him. Vegeta is very surprised as Goku says he waited and trained for a long time before this kid entered the tournament. Vegeta wants an explanation now.

“Ten years ago, when that Boo who was incredibly evil died, I wished… 'This time, be reborn as a good guy and let's fight one-on-one'… Enma-daiō seems to have heard him and was able it. happened..." Vegeta can't believe the kid is the reincarnation of Boo. Goku says it's not a mistake, he just knows somehow. "Look at his name too. Oob, right? If you read it backwards, it's Boo, right…? Wouldn't that be a strange coincidence?" Oob looks nervous, he thinks there are a lot of strong people outside the village, just like his mom said. Oob wonders how he will win and use the prize money to buy food to bring back to his village.