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Piccolo is upset that Cell is here, he didn't notice because he was so focused on the fight. #17 asks what the weird guy is, and Piccolo is surprised that the artificial humans don't know about Cell. Cell says that this is the day he will merge with #17 and #18 and finally reach his perfect form. He looks at the artificial people: No. 17. No. 18…….?! He doesn't know who the other one is, but it must be one of Dr. Gero's other artificial humans because he has an army insignia with a red ribbon on his chest. But that's okay, it's an older model. Cell steps down from the rock he's sitting on and starts powering up, blowing up the surrounding area. He walks right past Piccolo, who is too shocked to try to stop him. But then Piccolo asks how many lives he sacrificed to get that much power, and Cell says they weren't sacrifices. They should feel honored to be a part of his power.

Kuririn says Cell is very charged and Tenshinhan thinks it's over. The Kame-Sen'nin says that no matter how fast Bulma comes with the controller, it will still take her twenty minutes. Kuririn says he will fly and get it since he can fly much faster than Bulma's plane and flies off. Tenshinhan says he will help Piccolo. Even if it's useless, it's better than just standing here and him flying off, ignoring Kame-Sen'nin's objections. Kame-Sen'nin regrets that the once "World's Greatest Muten Roshi" can't do anything the way he is now. Back on the battlefield #17 tells Cello to leave, he's in the way and busy playing with Piccolo. Piccolo then exclaims, “No. 17!!! He plans to kill and devour you!!! Get out of here!!!!!"

Before Number 17 can really react, Cell suddenly strikes Number 17 with his tail and Number 17 barely manages to escape. Cell continues to try to tail him while #17 barely dodges. Then Cell grabs his wrist and slams him to the ground. Cell tries to tail him while he's down, but Piccolo suddenly kicks Cell in the face, saving him. #17 gets up and asks Piccolo why the monster wants to devour him. "I'll keep it simple. His name is Cell and he was created by Dr. Gero's computer. He's still incomplete and has to absorb you and number 18 to reach his perfect form." Cell tries to tell him that it will be great to be a part of his perfect superpower. The best warrior , Dr. Gero, has been working on him for many years. No. 17 doesn't want to be absorbed and says he's already the best warrior. Cell says it doesn't matter if he intends to or not, it's already been decided that he will be absorbed. No. 17 says he will close Cell.

No. 16 yells at No. 17 to run away, the enemy's battle strength is too great. #16 calmly says that he will not allow this monster to reach its perfect form. It seems that his goal is not the death of Son Goku, but the destruction of the entire universe. However, #17 doesn't listen and lunges at Cell, only to be knocked to the ground as Piccolo runs to help.