Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 95 Colored    


After a recap of Broly's character and how our main characters learned about him, Broly and Goku engage in a training match on Beerus' Planet. As Broly starts to get carried away, Goku asks him to back off so he doesn't run. Meanwhile, Vegeta is shown meditating and explains to Goku that it is a form of training. He points out that their physical bodies have long since been honed to their limits, and as such they are already on par with Jiren, Broly, Moro, Gas, and Frieza. Instead, the difference between the two is how their power is used, so it's to train his mind instead.

Whis applauds Vegeta for realizing this and suggests a training match between the three Saiyans, but Vegeta declines if Broly joins, as they will all be in trouble if he gets carried away. Meanwhile, Beerus woke up from his four-month slumber to find Lemo, Cheelai, and Broly living on his planet. Goku says that was the best way to keep Broly safe from Frieza. After tasting Lem's food and finding Cheelai attractive, he decides they can stay. Lemo cooks a feast for everyone and then while the others eat ice cream, Broly watches Goku and Vegeta spar.

On Earth, Piccolo flies to Dende to ask if he can unlock his latent power like Guru Grand Elder once did for Gohan and Krillin. Dende says he can't because he's too young, but says the upgraded Dragon Balls should be able to. Piccolo wonders if he can collect the dragon balls in time, but Dende notes that Bulma has probably already collected them. Piccolo heads to the Capsule Corporation to meet Bulma. There, Piccolo takes the first wish and lets Shenron unlock his hidden potential, though he notices that he also threw a bonus. Bulma uses two more wishes for minor cosmetic changes, before realizing to her horror that they could have used a wish to bring Goku and Vegeta back to Earth instead. When Piccolo reprimands her for this, she points out that he hadn't thought of that either, and sheepishly flies back to Red Ribbon HQ. Noticing the commotion outside, Trunks calls Goten and asks him to come as he senses something big is about to happen.

Back at the base, Magenta and Carmine are eager to speed up their plans and come up with a plan to lure Gohan in next. Knowing he has a daughter, they decide to kidnap her to lure him to the base to avoid public detection. Piccolo, still in his red ribbon uniform, volunteers to go on a mission to kidnap Pan as he claims to know her as she is the granddaughter of the famous Mr. Satan. Piccolo is paired with another soldier #15 for the mission. Piccolo then figures out that going through with the staged kidnapping may be what it takes to get Gohan back into action.