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While the others come up with a plan, Android 18 hits Gotenks hard on Cell Max, hitting the android right into the weak spot, creating several cracks on Cell Max's head. Meanwhile, Gamma 2 plans to sacrifice himself to deliver the final blow, gathering all his energy from above and riding Cell Max. Working with the rest of the team trying to distract him, Cell Max is positioned for the charged Gamma 2 to attack, but is spotted and blocked at the last second, only managing to take Cell Max off. arm.

Enraged, Cell Max tries to stomp on Gamma 2's lifeless body, but Piccolo intervenes and returns to his orange piccolo to hold Cell Max's leg. Krillin reminds him of his gigantization technique from the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and encourages him to use it. When Piccolo grows to the same size as his opponent, he throws Cell Max backwards.

Seeing Piccolo's giant state, Gohan believes that victory is now a sure thing, but Piccolo tells him that growing in size won't actually increase his strength. He hands Gohan the last Senzu Bean and tells him that he could be the strongest in the world if he only put his mind to it. He decides to bet everything on Gohan's power and asks him to show his true power. However, before Gohan can take the bean, Cell Max hits Piccolo's arm and the bean flies away. Cell Max attacks the group before anyone has a chance to catch her, grabbing Gohan's leg and slamming him to the ground, knocking him out of Super Saiyan.

An injured Gohan sees the bean about to fall into the rubble below and gets up to go after her, but Pan jumps off the building first after her. At that moment, Pan finally learns to fly and throws the bean to her father, who eats it. The bean replenishes Gohan's health, who transforms back into Potential Unleashed and rushes to rejoin the battle. Piccolo attacks Cell Max, but is still shown to be outmatched. Gohan charges in and lands a powerful uppercut on Cell max that knocks him down and blasts him off the building down into the rubble below.

Piccolo urgently tells Gohan that he will do everything in his power to take down Cell Max, at which point Gohan must release every last bit of his power into Kamehameha, who finishes the android off. Cell Max then returns seemingly stronger and angrier than ever.